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Shalbeck Life Centre was born out of a desire to bring effortless living to all, to enhance how we live and to be able to learn with ease – Enhancing Learning and Life!
It’s aim is to create a space where you can receive what you need. 

Areas we can help

Nutritional Assessments supporting weight loss, gain or maintenance

Life Balance – Giving your life an MOT

Physical Balance – improving posture, addressing pain and inflammation to create more movement

Chemical Balance – supporting each stage of growth from birth, through infancy, adolescence, menopause and more

Pregnancy – excessive Morning Sickness, re-balancing mother’s body with the developing foetus

Difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, maths, concentration, under-achievement

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autistic Spectrum, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD

Neuro Developmental Delay or Neuro Motor Immaturity

Auditory Processing Disorder

Low energy, motivation, lack of direction

Behaviour and/or social interaction issues

Bedwetting beyond infancy

Phobias, anxiety, fears, general stress – creating Emotional Balance

Travel sickness, vertigo, balance and coordination

Allergies, intolerances, hayfever, asthma


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