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Natural BioEnergetics

Natural Bioenergetics uses acupressure and gentle muscle testing to accurately identify which system in the body – emotional, physical or chemical – is not functioning 100%. This treatment supports the body’s ability to heal itself by communicating with the body’s unique electrical and chemical energy (that energy that keeps us functioning without our conscious input). The muscle testing in question uses a skilled technique that involves applying light pressure to a muscle (often in the arm) that responds to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions asked by a qualified practitioner. The muscle will hold steady for ‘yes’ and relax for ‘no’ due to the body’s energy instructing the physical body about how to respond. The answers to the questions will reliably guide the practitioner to the methods that will benefit the client during the session. Methods include the use of magnets, essences, essential oils and releasing stress connected to an event, physical or emotional. 


A session consists of an hour where you lie down on a therapy couch fully clothed or if this causes discomfort the client can sit up. These sessions allow treatment to be undertaken without the client having to say much at all as the body’s energy will do the work for you using the body’s inner wisdom. As a result clients find this therapy very healing, relaxing and often leave feeling in a lighter mood and with clarity. These benefits can last for a day or over several months. Some clients may find they only need one session whilst others may need more as the treatment process is individual to the client. No two sessions are alike and they are unique to you.


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